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Entry #1


2010-06-26 00:31:11 by everydogdeath


Thats all i have to say.



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2010-07-11 00:14:40

Hello and welcome to Newgrounds! I hope you enjoy your stay! I know I have. If you have questions, you can PM me, or leave a comment on my page, whichever is easiest :).

As for your hopes with Flash, as I noticed in your info bar, I would say start screwing with it just to get a feel for it. After a good month of getting your head around it, I would say you should establish your identity by finding where you stand as in style of animation. From then on out, I wish you luck.

Sorry if this was a tad long, but when I first arrived, I was welcomed by some kind users. I hope this emulates that effect to some degree!